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Palace of Holyroodhouse Entrance Tickets with Multimedia Guide

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  • Discover the secrets of the Palace of Holyroodhouse as you explore the official residence of His Majesty The King in Scotland.
  • Walk through the majestic structure that is used by His Majesty for State ceremonies and official entertaining.
  • See the Historic Apartments of Mary, Queen of Scots which witnessed many dramatic episodes during her turbulent reign.
  • Admire works of art from the Royal Collection in the State Apartments, whose decor reflects the changing tastes of the successive monarchs.
  • Discover the ruins of Holyrood Abbey and marvel at the beauty of the Palace's unique gardens.
  • Sample homemade dishes made from locally sourced produce at the Café at the Palace, at your own expense.
  • Use the complimentary multimedia guide to better understand your surroundings steeped in history.
  • The guide lasts approximately one hour, after which you can continue to explore the Palace at leisure.
  • The multimedia guide is available in English, Gaelic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, and British Sign Language.
  • These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.

Walking Tour of Ghosts & Ghouls Old Town Underground in Edinburgh

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Mobile Ticket
2 hr.
Guided Tour
  • Learn of the darker wynds and closes of Edinburgh on this exclusive walking tour.
  • Meet your cloaked tour guide at the designated meeting point and brace yourself for a ghost tour you’ll never forget.
  • Listen to far-off cries and taunts as you take your place in the Edinburgh Mob.
  • Engage yourself in tales of witchcraft, torture, and restless souls stalking the city’s streets.
  • Descend into the haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults and pass along dimly-lit caverns.
  • Head to Megget’s Cellar for a glass of whiskey (or soft drinks) as you continue to listen to your storyteller in a candlelit setting.
  • Tip: You will cover around 900 steps during this tour, so make sure to wear comfortable footwear.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 48 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Visiting Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh | Book Palace of Holyroodhouse Tickets

Edinburgh is known for being famous for its heritage, history, and striking architecture - the city is home to plenty of battlefields, forts, and palaces. The Palace of Holyroodhouse is one of the most historic, important, and famous sites to visit in Edinburgh. 

Set at the end of Edinburgh's Royal Mile, the Palace of Holyroodhouse is also known as “Holyrood Palace”. The palace holds the history of dramatic events and colorful history throughout time.

If you are planning a visit to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, then keep reading to find out everything about the palace. Learn about Palace of Holyroodhouse tickets, opening time, and much more!

Why Visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse?

Palace of Holyroodhouse
  • Set in the heart of the Scottish capital Edinburgh, the Palace of Holyroodhouse is famous for being the Queen's official residence. 
  • The Holyroodhouse Palace attracts thousands of visitors for its magnificent history, romantic ruins from the 12th century, royal gardens, portraits, and architecture. 
  • The palace is known for the Queen of Scots Mary and the dramatic history during her turbulent reign. 
  • Located in the beautiful city of Scotland, the palace offers the spectacular backdrop of Arthur's Seat. 
  • Visit the spiral staircase and the room where Queen’s secretary was murdered. 
  • Stroll through the “Great Gallery”, which houses 110 portraits of Scotland’s Monarchs for visitors.
  • Roam around the State Apartments, and take a visit through the romantic ruins of the 12th-century Holyrood Abbey and royal gardens.

Your Palace of Holyroodhouse Tickets Explained

Palace of Holyroodhouse

What is the Best Way To Book Palace of Holyroodhouse Tickets? Book Online

Due to its uniqueness, the Palace of Holyroodhouse attracts many tourists visiting Edinburgh, and hence to avoid getting disappointed looking at all-booked warnings, it’s better to book your Palace of Holyroodhouse tickets in advance. Purchase your tickets online and secure your trip for a hassle-free experience.

  • Convenience: Have freezing discovering the secrets of the Palace of Holyroodhouse and leave the annoyance of waiting in long lines behind with fast-track tickets that make your experience all the more enjoyable.
  • Advance Reservations: With online bookings, you can easily secure your trip in advance by buying your slots beforehand.
  • Great Discounts: Experience the architectural marvel of the Palace of Holyroodhouse at wondrous prices, as online booking gives you incredible discounts. 

Palace of Holyroodhouse Highlights

Palace of Holyroodhouse

State Apartments

The State Apartments are known for its marvelous ceilings and art collection. Admire the beautiful plasterwork ceilings and collection of French and Flemish tapestries. Watch the changing tastes of successive monarchs as you walk through the Palace. Admire the architecture and rooms as they get bigger and bigger until you reach the King's Bedchamber.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Royal Dining Room

As its name suggests, the Royal Dining Room was used as a dining room by Queen Elizabeth II and members of the Royal Family. Watch the silver banqueting service on display that was represented on the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary in 1935. The service was made in the Scottish style from the 17th century.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Throne Room & The Privy Chamber

The Throne Room is known for being a major and famous room of the palace. The room was used by Queen Elizabeth II to host lunch. She used to host lunch for the Knights and Ladies in the Throne Room. The Privy Chamber was used for private audiences of Charles II in the late 1600s.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Queen Mary’s Chambers

Queen Mary’s Chambers is known for being one of the most famous monarchs and for its dramatic history. She lived in the chambers between 1561-1567. On the north side after the stairs visit the Bedchamber, Supper Room, and Outer Chamber. Witness the intrigue, tragedy, and murder at Supper Room where Lord Darnley murdered Queen Mary’s private secretary, David Rizzio.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Holyrood Abbey

Located next to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Holyrood Abbey is known for once being one of the grandest medieval abbeys in Scotland. Discover the dramatic history, myth, stories, and legend surroundings which contain the remains of James V. Admire the magnificent building architecture with Romanesque arcading, Gothic windows, and vaulted ceiling. 

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Palace Gardens

Spread in the beautiful 4-hectare area, the Palace Gardens are set against the panoramic backdrop of Arthur’s Seat. The Jubilee Border, the Wentworth Elm, and a sundial made for Charles I’s Scottish coronation in 1633 are the highlights of the garden. Queen Elizabeth used to host her summer annual Garden Party at the Palace gardens.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

The Great Gallery

Filled with the portraits of 95 kings and one queen, the Great Gallery is the largest room in the palace. The gallery shows portraits of real and legendary kings of Scotland. Admire the history of the Stuart dynasty and the legendary founder of Scotland in c.330 BC. Watch paintings of Macbeth, King of Scots, Queen Mary, and Robert the Bruce. 

Plan Your Visit To the Palace of Holyroodhouse

Getting There
Palace of Holyroodhouse
  • Timings: 
    1 November - 31 March Thursday - Monday 09:30 am to 04:30 pm  
    1 April - 31 October March Thursday - Monday 09:30 am to 06:00 pm
  • Last Entry: 
    1 November - 31 March: 03:15 pm
    1 April - 31 October: 04:30 pm
  • Closed On: Tuesday & Wednesday (Every week), 25th & 26th December 
Palace of Holyroodhouse

Address: Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8DX, United Kingdom

Find on Map.

  • By Tram: Edinburgh Trams.
    Nearest Stop: Princes Street & York Place.
  • By Train: Scotrail .
    Nearest Stop: Edinburgh Station.
  • By Bus: Line 113, 26, 35, X18, X22, X25, X38 (Route 6 and 35).
    Nearest Stop: Abbeyhill Crescent and Calton Terrace Brae.
  • By Car: Edinburgh Airport (10.1 mi - 40 minutes).
    Car Parking: Horse Wynd is the nearest parking just outside the Palace. NCP Holyrood is another nearest car parking space to the palace. 
Palace of Holyroodhouse
  • Pushchairs are allowed inside the Palace with Palace of Holyroodhouse tickets. However, during rush hours you may not find one. 
  • Commercial photography is not allowed inside the Holyroodhouse Palace. However, visitors are allowed to take photography for personal use.
  • Visitors are advised to carry a water bottle and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. 
  • Free baby carriers and hip seats are available depending on the subject to availability.
Palace of Holyroodhouse
  • Our Dynamic Earth: Go on embarking on the interactive adventure of a lifetime at Dynamic Earth. Experience the forces of nature as they shaped our planet, go on a time journey in a Deep Time Machine, and watch the Big Bang. Fly high above ice-cold glaciers, learn marine science, and dive deep into the sea.
  • The People's Story Museum: The People's Story Museum is famous for showing the life of the people of the 18th century to the late 20th century. Get a unique insight into Edinburgh's fascinating history, culture, crafts, and trades through tableaux, original objects, images, and interesting stories. Watch collections from street protests, and social, and political movements.
  • Calton Hill: Calton Hill is known for offering a bird’s eye view of the city's famous landmarks such as Arthur’s Seat, Holyrood Palace, the Parliament, Leith and the Firth of Forth, and much more. This is the best place to watch Hogmanay fireworks and many festival events. The place also shows the history of monuments.

Visitor Tips

  • Visitors are advised to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. 
  • For visitors who are visiting with family, baby-care facilities are available at the Cafe. 
  • Visitors can borrow free baby carriers and hip seats depending on availability. 
  • If you want, audio guides are available in 11 different languages. The audio guide comes in 11 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, and Japanese.
  • Visitors can try homemade snacks at a cafe at the Palace in the Mews Courtyard. Pastries, cakes, and sandwiches with tea are must-try at the cafe 
  • Visitors can take photos or film for non-commercial purposes. 
  • Manual wheelchairs and rollators are available free of charge depending on the subject to availability. 
  • Free toilets are located in the cafe for visitors.

All Your Questions About Palace of Holyroodhouse Tickets Answered

Q. Where can I buy Palace of Holyroodhouse tickets?

A. You can buy Holyroodhouse Palace tickets online.

Q. Can I buy Palace of Holyroodhouse tickets online?

A. Yes, you can book Holyroodhouse Palace tickets online.

Q. What is the cost of Palace of Holyroodhouse tickets?

A. Cost of Holyroodhouse Palace tickets depends on what type of ticket you are choosing. However, you can book Palace of Holyroodhouse entrance tickets for £17.50.

Q. Can I get a discount on Palace of Holyroodhouse tickets?

A. Yes, book your Holyroodhouse Palace tickets online to get discounts and offers.

Q. What is the Palace of Holyroodhouse?

A. The Holyroodhouse Palace is a famous palace in Scotland that is known for its rich history. The palace got famous when Queen’s personal secretary got murdered there by King. The palace is also famous for its royal gardens, portraits, and architecture.

Q. How can I get access to the Palace of Holyroodhouse?

A. Book your Palace of Holyroodhouse ticket to get access to the palace.

Q. Where is the Palace of Holyroodhouse located?

A. The Palace of Holyroodhouse is set in the famous city of Scotland, Canongate, Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

Q. What are some of the highlights of the Palace of Holyroodhouse?

A. Queen Mary’s Chambers, the Great Gallery (the largest room), the Queen's Gallery with various paintings, and State Apartments are some highlights of the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Q. How to reach the Palace of Holyroodhouse?

A. You can easily reach Holyroodhouse Palace by train, tram, bus, or personal taxi.

Q. What are the timings of the Palace of Holyroodhouse?

A. The timings of the Palace of Holyroodhouse from 1 April to 31 October is 9:30 am to 06.00 pm (last admission at 04:30 pm). From 1 November to 31 March 09:30 am to 04.30 pm (last admission at 03.15 pm).

Q. What facilities are available in the Palace of Holyroodhouse?

A. The Holyroodhouse offers a cafe, shop, multimedia audio guide, free Pushchairs (subject to availability), toilets, and baby-care facilities for visitors.

Q. Is the Palace of Holyroodhouse wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, Holyroodhouse Palace is wheelchair accessible. However, some parts and stairs are not wheelchair friendly.

Q. Is photography allowed in the Palace of Holyroodhouse?

A. Yes, visitors can take photographs inside the Holyroodhouse Palace. If you want to do commercial photography, you will require a prior request.

Q. Is it worth visiting the Palace of Holyroodhouse?

A. Yes, the Holyroodhouse Palace is known for its architecture, royal gardens, and dramatic history. The historic Apartments of Mary Queen of Scots, the Great Gallery, Holyrood Abbey, and the Palace's unique gardens are not to be missed.